The Belgravia, San Francisco

Corroded balcony support beam

Manufacture of the GFRP units

Project Profile

This elegant grand dame was converted to condominiums and the Homeowners elected to restore the Belgravia to its former glory. The terra cotta balconies were falling apart and presented a "falling hazard" to the public.
When we removed the terra cotta, we found seriously corroded steel. Everest hired structural engineers and testing engineers to design a repair of the steel and then set about preparing a budget for the project.
Our problem - replacing the balconies with terra cotta was beyond the budget of the HOA. Our solution - replace them with glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - lightweight, durable and easy to install.
The result - the first balcony is installed and from the ground it is impossible to distinguish the GFRP balcony from the original terra cotta.
This project also involves a complete repainting of the building and structural repair of corroded steel lintels and window headers.